Route 64 User's Guide
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Keyboard and Joystick Mapping

Joystick mapping

Joystick input is active if one of the Joystick buttons (Button symbol for joystick 1 or Button symbol for joystick 2) on the toolbar or from the menu is selected. The list below shows the Joystick key mappings:

The remaining keys are handled as normal keyboard input.

Keyboard mapping

Keyboard input is active if the keyboard button (Button symbol for keyboard) on the toolbar or from the menu is selected.

In general Route 64 offers the simplest keyboard mapping that is possible: For all keys on a Commodore 64 keyboard that have a direct equivalent on a modern workstation keyboard this mapping is one to one, i.e. just press the key on the keyboard and get the expected character on the screen.

For Commodore 64 specific keys that do not have a direct equivalent the mapping is shown here:

C64 Key

Keyboard key

← (Arrow Right)

Enter this key as Unicode character 0x2190. This character is not normally needed on the Commodore 64, so it is deliberately not mapped conveniently. It can be generated though if you use OS specific mechanisms to directly enter the Unicode.

£ (Pound sign)

Represented as Unicode character 0x00a3. Directly available only on certain keyboards, like the English and Italian. Since this character is not commonly used there is no convenience mapping on keyboards that do not directly offer this character.


ESC key is stop, Shift-ESC is run functionality


Break, remember the Commodore 64 key combination RUN/STOP with Restore, this results in a soft reset.


Shift+Home / Home

Commodore key


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