Route 64 User's Guide
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File menu

Open image...Open image...

Opens a file load dialog that allows to select an image file to attach to the emulation. The same can be acomplished by simply dragging the file from the file system explorer and dropping it on the emulator window.

Open image...Exit...

Closes Route 64.

Edit menu

Allows to select the primary input device. After starting Route 64 the primary input device is the keyboard. If one of the joystick emulations is selected, the handling of some keys changes: The keys for cursor up, down, left, right now emulate the joystick directions and the space key represents the joystick's fire button.

Joystick One

Joystick Two


Tools menu


Resets the emulation into its initial state.

Show system monitor...
Shows a debugger window that allows to set breakpoints and perform single step instruction tracing.

Original size
Restores the size of the emulator window to its initial dimensions.

Help menu

Opens the application's help system. The help system is only available if JavaHelp is installed.

Shows information regarding the version and build number of Route 64. Allows also to display the vales of the system properties used by Java. Normally used for documenting problems in Route 64.

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