Route 64 User's Guide
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Using the built-in Debugger

Route 64 comes with a simple built-in debugger, called in the old times also frequently Monitor. To open the debugger use either the menu item [Tools/Debugger...] or the toolbar icon . The window below opens.

Opening the debugger window does not impact the emulation. To enter single step mode, execution has to be interrupted by setting a breakpoint or by just performing a break at the current program counter position.


At the top of the window is the Breakpoint configuration section. A breakpoint stops the CPU if the contents of one of the registers is equal to a certain value. To set the breakpoint select the register, enter the break value and set the breakpoint by pressing the [Set] button. This displays the breakpoint in the user interface.

The most common use is to set a breakpoint on the program counter (PC), allowing to stop the CPU at the specified code position.

To remove an existing breakpoint, press the [Clear] button.

Register display

At the left of the window is the register monitor. This displays the values of the registers and the status flags while in single-step mode. Register contents is displayed in hexadecimal notation. For a decimal displaymove the mouse pointer to the register contents in question and wait until a tooltip shows up displaying decimal notation.

Disassembly section

Single step control

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