Route 64 User's Guide
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Applet Route 64

It is possible to use Route 64 as an Applet and to integrate it into a Web page. The applet supports the configuration of an image file and the start of certain programs in that image. As a consequence it is easy to put up Route 64 with your favourite game from the eighties...

Note that the Route 64 applet adds about 150k to the web page that offers access to it. Make sure that the additional traffic is ok. To be able to view the Web page with the applet it is recommended to use the Sun Java Plug-In.

To integrate the Route 64 Applet into your web site first download the standard archive from SourceForge and place the .jar file on your Web server. The following lists the required data for the html applet tag:

The following parameters are supported by the applet:

Parameter Description
image An optional parameter defining the image file to be loaded. This is a relative name that is resolved against the applet's document base. If your image is located in the same directory as the web page specify the plain name. If it is located elsewhere specify the relative path name. If this parameter is not specified then no image file will be attached.
start The name of a file that is contained in the image and that should be loaded and started. This parameter is optional and is only used if the image parameter is set as well. If start is not set, but a file is attached, then no program is started automatically. Instead the user can manually LOAD and RUN the file.
device The input device to be used. Optional, if not set then the keyboard is the default setting. Set to '0' (zero) to use the keyboard. Set to '1' or '2' to use joystick one or two, respectively.

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