Route 64 User's Guide
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Loading Software

Image files are files that contain a complete copy of an ancient Commodore 64 data medium, like a diskette or a tape. An image file represents a single file in the host operating system, but since it represents a floppy disk or tape to the emulator it can internally hold many files for the Commodore 64. Image files are used to load existing software like games into the emulator. They can be obtained from internet sites like, many others exist.

The following image file formats are supported by Route 64:

To execute the files that are in an image file several steps have to be performed. The first one is to attach an image file to the emulator, this corresponds to inserting a floppy disk into the disk drive or putting a tape into the Datasette. To attach a file to Route 64

If the attach operation was successful, the name of the attached image file is displayed in the message area at the bottom of the main window. After the image file is attached to the emulator one of the Commodore 64 files contained can be loaded. Again there are serveral options:

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