Route 64 Games Gallery

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Stellar 7


Toy Bizarre

This is the Route 64 Game Gallery, one of the first books containing life pictures! It offers a wonderful trip back in time when the shown games were top of the heap, heavy duty, very cool.

Today they're more of an artists pieces. Colors, screen design and sound look, feel and hear somewhat antique, a bit dusty and out of fashion, but nevertheless really cool... Remember that the games shown here are around 20 years old, the guys who wrote them are not longer really young.

Note that the games are not playable. All the shown games offer a fine intro that can be viewed, but the keyboard keeps deactivated. To play a particular game, go and get an image copy from or, download Route 64 and have fun.

Finally note that you need to have the Java plugin version 1.3 installed to be able to view the following pages. And now, have fun... Logo